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Buy Rare Dvds

RareDVDs.Biz specializes in finding and offering Rare DVDs as well as Out Of Print DVDs and Hard To Find DVDs and movies for sale that you simply cannot find elsewhere! We take great care in the creation of your DVDs so the content is exactly what you would receive from the original studio DVD for most titles, or the best available source is used, to create your DVD on demand. We have been in business since 2009 and we look forward to serving you for all your Rare Movies and DVDs! * Shop our EXTENSIVE list of Titles by Categories - Located in the Menu for mobile devices - or at the Top of the page for laptop / desktop computers.We carry hundreds of the most rare and desirable titles - from Musicals, 80s Movies to Obscure 70s and 80s TV movies, Rare Horror movies. We have an AMAZING SELECTION of SUPER RARE titles for your viewing and nostalgic enjoyment!RareDVDs.Biz is proud to serve our customers by offering difficult to find movies at our secure, convenient and easy to navigate site.

buy rare dvds

Absolutely amazing films backed up by great service. Since I discovered RareandCollectibles my collection has grown very large. Also I have emailed David on occasions and his knowledge on films is incredible and he has helped me discover so many films I thought I may never see again. This is a top website for Classic and rare films.

After some digging, we collated a list of some of the rarest DVDs and Blu-rays. People are literally paying hundreds and thousands of bucks for these. So if you have some spare box sets and DVDs lying around collecting dust, now is the time to trade in!

Follow the killer with a conscience in brilliantly choreographed gun fights. The reason this DVD is so rare is because it quickly fell out of print. You can buy this classic by John Woo on DVD and Blu-ray pretty cheap, but we spotted it on eBay going as high as $300!

Welcome to our rare, deleted & signed DVD, Blu-ray and book collection. This is the place for rarities, deleted editions from the archives and strictly limited, signed products. Be quick- once they're gone, they're gone! Please note that these products are all limited to one per customer.

The classic Little Mermaid video with the 'banned art work' is selling for 2,000 on eBay. The 'banned' cover accidentally included a phallic symbol in the palace behind Ariel and Eric. While it was a mistake the VHS was recalled meaning it's very rare.

*Please be aware that this is archive material, the best available and most enjoyable, however one should not expect state-of-the-art re-mastered quality - but it is a treasure for those who truly wish to experience this rare and moving, true-life spiritual journey.

Both of these additional disc types are extremely rare due to their complicated and expensive manufacturing.[57] For this reason, some DVDs that were initially issued as double-sided discs were later pressed as two-disc sets.

Although digital media tends to be more convenient in this day and age, there are reasons to retain your old DVDs. One of the downsides to going digital is ownership. When you purchase a digital version of a movie, you are only licensing the content. You do not own it. Film collectors often like to have hard copies of their purchases. Also, some older movies or rare films are difficult to find in digital. Another drawback is sharing. You can lend a friend your DVD to watch, but copying a file for a friend to watch is considered piracy and illegal. Lastly, viewing digital movies requires an internet connection. You are dependent on a good connection and reliable service.

Most used records that we stock have a typical range of $2-5 in retail value, and we normally pay $1-2 for records in this price range. But the market for used vinyl has changed dramatically in recent years, and we will pay more for higher demand records. Genuinely rare and collectable LPs or 45s may have significantly higher values. We strive to pay fair, top dollar prices for any LPs and 45s that we can sell. The faster a record is likely to sell, the higher a percentage of the potential retail price we will be able to pay. Also, please keep in mind that condition is a major factor in a record's value! Records that are scratched, warped, or moldy are worth very little, unless they are truly rare.

We are the number one source for providing rare, lost, and hard-to-find films a new life on DVD.We have been in business for over 20 years and pride ourselves in providing the best quality product, the fastest delivery possible, combined with honest, quick and friendly communication. 041b061a72

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