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[S2E15] What Do You Do __HOT__

I must comment on Burgess. Why didn't she just run back to the gas station and alert the force? You'd think after what happened to her a few weeks ago, that she'd be more clued up on what to do in these situations.

[S2E15] What Do You Do

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It was good that Roman actually watched the paramedics so he knew what to do in these situations. It was clear Burgess didn't do the same. It just goes to show that even gaining a small knowledge of a subject can save a life.

Ford trusted him until the accident with Fiddleford. When he confronted Bill about what happened Bill told him there was nothing he could do to stop his plans, but it would be fun to see him try. Ford immediately shut down the portal and began hiding his work so that no one else could finish what he started.

And Setsuna shedding tears for her much-needed family reunion since her infancy fourteen years prior. Ever since her she retained her girlhood memories in full, she does seem to be somewhat less stoic and warmer than her mighty father.

Stars Hollow weirdness:Miss Patty is seen about town, riding shotgun in a "Miss Patty's School of Ballet" golf cart, and smoking a long cigarette while leading what appears to be an adult exercise class.

As previously mentioned, I get that Lorelai likes Dean because he's predictable and a nice guy, but what if Rory had stayed in a relationship with him? Her college experience would have been even lamer than it actually was, with weekends spent driving to Stars Hollow to see her loser boyfriend, destined to live in the same sad, small town for the rest of his life. At least Jess is interesting and has the personality of someone who will fight like hell to avoid complacency. I'd rather my daughter date someone like that than someone with zero original thoughts or ambitions.

Reyyan and Miran returned to the Aslanbey mansion with Miran's grandmother (Dilshah's mother). Azize was not in the least bit happy about this development but she didn't miss a beat. She told Miran she kept his grandmother's existence a secret because she didn't want to hurt him. According to Azize, his grandmother is a fortune hunter who was only after money from her daughter. Dilshah's mother, Shukran, vehemently denies this, but Miran who for some reason still believes Azize, is confused about what he hears. He takes refuge in Reyyan's arms and she is there for him, holding him and comforting him.

But it seems that on this day Reyyan is ready to sleep on the bed and while the two lie together she asks him a question: "Why is it that with all that we've been through, and everything we've experienced you only just told me you love me the day before?" He replies, "Reyyan, my feelings for you, my love for you can't be described with just those three words. I love every part of you separately." And he goes on to explains his love to her in beautiful words. "Reyyan, do you know what it is to miss someone? When other people say I miss you, they mean you're not by my side. But when we say those words, it means you are my essence. You are what makes me, me. If you're there, I'm me. If you're not, I'm not me. That's how I love you. If there is no Reyyan, there is no Miran." Nevertheless Miran does say the words "I love you" to Reyyan and she tells him she misses him.

While Miran and Reyyan are living their love, Yaren who has been trapped into marrying someone she doesn't know, is trying to get out of her predicament. She goes to meet her future fiance to get him to change his mind and discovers that the young man, Harun, is not what he seems. He refuses to break off the engagement and is aggressive with her. Firat sees the exchange between the two and discovers that the two are to be engaged. Yaren appears to show remorse for her actions with respect to Reyyan and tells Firat she wishes that he could have been the one to help her find her way. Whether Yaren's remorse is real or an act is unclear at this point, suffice it to say that Firat is convinced. It's too late however, because later that evening Yaren and Harun become engaged.

Jan (to workers): If there is even a whiff of unionizing in this branch, I can guarantee you the branch will be shut down like that. (Snaps) They unionized in Pittsfield, and we all know what happened in Pittsfield. It will cost each of you a fortune in legal fees and union fees and that'll be nothing compared to the cost of losing your jobs. So I would think long and hard before sacrificing your savings and your futures just to send a message.

Sworn enemies become tentative allies, secret government installations are broken into, kids are thrown out of the comforting nest they've known all their lives, and an entire town shows just how close it can be when tragedy strikes. In short, Episode 15 represents a perfect encapsulation of what makes Resident Alien so great: larger-than-life genre hijinks counterbalanced with genuine human stories. You love to see it! Now, without any further ado, let's get to it...

Even when they make no sense. Watching M.G. training Lizzie in his mind was both hilarious and completely useless. We are well aware of what happens in the Merge, thanks to all that TVD Merge talk over the years, and no manner of training her in targeting her magic or sit ups is going to give her an edge. But it was a nice little moment in Legacies season 2, episode 15.

This completely horrifies Ruby and Sapphire, who now realize that their argument has utterly wrecked Steven's vacation. Ruby hastily reassures him that it's not the case, and tells him that it was all them. Sapphire then realizes something worse: They made Steven feel like it was his fault. She realizes what she did wrong; her future vision meant that she only saw the time when the issues were already solved, and forgot that they still existed in the present.Sapphire: No wonder you think I don't care!

Sapphire begins crying, and Ruby tries to comfort her by taking the blame. Ruby's problem was that she was so focused on her present problems and feelings that she never looked for, and indeed actively rejected, any solution. Ruby apologizes to Sapphire and brushes her bangs aside, revealing that Sapphire is a cyclops. Sapphire asks if Ruby really thought that she wasn't upset by what happened, as she was just trying to do the right thing.Ruby: You know what's nice about being split up?Sapphire: What?Ruby: I get to look at you.

Hey! We\u2019re #BookSquadGoals, a bi-weekly podcast about\u2014you guessed it\u2014books, plus all the garbage pop culture we consume when we\u2019re not reading (that\u2019s what our \u201Cothersodes\u201D are for!). We\u2019re easy to find\u2014you can get the podcast on any of your preferred podcast aggregators, and we\u2019d love it if you subscribed on Apple Podcasts so you\u2019ll get our newest episodes in your feed right away. While you\u2019re here, check out the #BookSquadBlog, where we have weekly posts about books, pop culture, and probably our pets. We love our pets. Thanks for checking us out and being part of our squad!

Though the caper sequence was well thought-out (and rehearsed, what with Oliver doing his Predator-like training in the island wilderness), the real fun came with a bit of tricky editing. Oliver gets captured by Ivo's guards and submitted to interrogation by truth serum. We're not entirely sure that Ollie's really been drugged until we catch him in a lie and find out that Sara's concoction of Cocculus indicus allowed him to stay lucid. Things are going along swimmingly, right?

Well, there are two wild cards at play in this plan: one is the prisoners themselves, including Anatoli Knyazev (David Nykl), and the newcomers Hendrick Von Arnim (Artine Brown) and Reverend Thomas Flynn (James Pizzinatto). We're not 100% sure what they're all about, but Hendrick has some real issues with Sara after she frees him from the cell. (That all worked itself out in the end.) The real loose cannon is Slade himself, who proves to be just as unstable as they feared when Ivo tells him of Oliver's presumed betrayal. Although Sara and her prisoner friends make it safely back to the beach, Oliver is left in the clutches of the ship's new captain, Slade, who has really taken to his Deathstroke persona. He starts off his reign of terror in a rather bloody fashion by crushing the skull of the former captain, cutting off the hand of Dr. Ivo, and promising Oliver that he'll come to know complete despair before Slade kills him.

There were some great moments throughout the contemporary sequence in which Slade kept dropping little hints about his true intentions, but what he was really doing was planting surveillance devices around the Queens' house. That final shot of Slade watching the cameras with his hollowed-out eye socket was a pretty awesome ending (I wonder if he hangs out with The Walking Dead's The Governor?), and only teased what's sure to be more incredible action and drama in the episodes to come.

With the reading of Bart Bass' will, Chuck, Jack, and Blair learn the fate of the Bass empire. Meanwhile, Rufus and Lily's relationship becomes strained as Rufus seeks details about the child he never knew he had. Noticing that his father is acting strange, Dan does some investigating of his own and becomes unsure of what to do with his findings. 041b061a72

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