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Xm Prerequisite Package [EXCLUSIVE]

remove prerequisite package: removes the package with a specific version number. now you can safely remove the prerequisites folder, and un-install the package with the old version number. how? remove all prerequisites and check prerequisites manually to remove the old version of the package

Xm Prerequisite Package

if you want to install a pre-requisite pack, then create a patch file named packages/packagename.prerequisite.patch for every package (where packagename is the string from the pre-requisite package name on the left) and run the patch utility on these:

the osi model defines osi as "the process of ordering our communication to pass information from one layer of the communication model to the next." thus, according to this definition, the osi model cannot "order" at all. most models can process several requests in parallel, an initial guess, an intermediate result, a higher-level model, and a lower-level model. osi, however, needs a successful result from each of these stages. this is usually implemented by sending the same request to all the lower-level models. in addition, there are many intermediary results between models in the api. this is done, simply, by allowing the model that is receiving the request to send the request to the next model in the chain.

it is important to note that, while osi was created to model a logical conversation between models, such a conversation may not be the way that a lower-level model actually processes data from the higher-level model (see figure 8.1).

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