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T-bolan Ballad Torrent

As previously mentioned, "Hallowed Be My Name" was not the only instance of the Cooper gang working religious imagery into the mix in the lyrics of "Love it to Death." This one starts as something of a power ballad, Alice bleeding real emotion as he sets the tone with a vulnerable "I couldn't tell if the bells were getting louder / The songs they ring, I finally recognize / I only know Hell is getting hotter / The devil's getting smarter all the time." As the song kicks into rock mode, Alice weighs in on the end times with "Time is getting closer / I read it on a poster / Fanatical exposers / On corners prophesized." And by the final verse, after thinking "it would be nice to walk upon the water," he appears to have convinced himself he's actually the second coming of Jesus, which makes for a deeply unsettling lead-in to "Ballad of Dwight Fry."

T-bolan Ballad Torrent

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Drummer Neal Smith wrote this bittersweet ballad, which name-checks both Smith's alma mater, Camelback High School, and Cortez High School, where a young Vince Furnier met two future bandmates, Glenn Buxton and Dennis Dunaway, forming the Earwigs. Cooper's aching vocal really sells the melancholy lyrics, recalling the Beatles as he soulfully pleads, "And you know, it breaks my heart to leave you / Camelback, my high school." And best of all, he signs off with a priceless spoken-word part as the song fades out, saying goodbye to the guys. "Hey, maybe I'll see, maybe I'll see you around sometime, huh?," he stutters. "Hey, don't make a stranger of yourself, huh? Remember the Coop, huh? I mean, I hope.... I hope you don't forget me or nothin'. Goodbye." Never mind the guillotines. This is Cooper at his most theatrical.

This epic, prog-rock suite was meant to prove that they could play. And guess what? They could play. It starts with the best imitation of flies you could hope to accomplish from stacking electric guitars. A hint of Arabic guitar leads you into the next section, where dramatic power chords are offset by a throbbing Moog riff. Before the vocals start, there are echoes of spy movie soundtracks and Spanish guitar. When Alice does start singing, he cribs the melody to "My Favorite Things" ("daggers and contacts and bright shiny limos"). And then they're off to some new passage, from Sabbath-worthy heavy metal to Spaghetti Western balladeering.

The quintessential straitjacket ballad, it starts with a young girl asking mommy where her daddy is to wistful piano accompaniment. But once the acoustic guitar starts, Cooper wastes no time establishing his character, sounding like a crazy man on too much medication as he sets the scene with "I was gone for 14 days/I could've been gone for more." This song could be his most theatrical performance, from the way his voice cracks on "I think I lost some weight there" to the way he stammers out, "I'd give her back all of her play things/even . . . even the ones I stole." And the screaming madman parts are genius.

Jezz Torrent is a character in the 3D Universe and HD Universe, he is the lead singer for the Scottish hair metal band Love Fist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is presumably the leader of Love Fist. Jezz Torrent's name is yet another sex joke from Rockstar Games; Jezz is pronounced "jizz" if spoken in a Scottish accent and "jizz" is slang for semen. Thus, "Jezz Torrent" means "torrent of semen". Jezz Torrent is the only member of Love Fist that appears in all the Love Fist missions. Jezz Torrent is depicted as a shirtless black glove wearing singer in GTA Vice City. He used to have sex with sheep, according to fellow band member Percy in the mission "Psycho Killer". Torrent was voiced by Kevin McKidd.

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