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Acoustic Slow Songs 2020 ##TOP##

Sweet Bird is one of the more acoustic, sparse, singer-songwriter type of songs in the album. It is in the key of Em and has some interesting chords outside of the scale. Chords such as F/G or Bb/Eb give you a taste of modulation in songs.

Acoustic Slow Songs 2020


The songs in this list are absolutely amazing. They are cover versions of some really popular songs. These beautiful acoustic versions are something everyone should check out. They are some of our favorite songs in this entire article.

A special thanks to reddit,, and posts here and here, for providing some great lists as inspiration. If you want to see some more ideas, make sure to check out their posts. You can also check out one of my earlier posts for general acoustic guitar songs for beginners.

Guitar sales increased by 15% from 2019 to 2020, with online retailers amassing the bulk of these sales. That is thanks to a recent wave of beginner guitarists, with the majority of them picking up the acoustic guitar. Top brands like Fender have experienced record sales, and so have retailers like Guitar Center and Sweetwater.

Taylor, one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic guitars, was named the 15th largest supplier of instruments in April 2020. And their success throughout 2020 is a testament to that. The company indicated that at one point during the year, they were facilitating upwards of 900 orders per day.

Sebas E. Alonso of Jenesaispop thought that "Thinking 'Bout You" attempts to be too much like Lauryn Hill and Winehouse.[37] Writing for Stereogum, Chris DeVille compared the song to the works of Jhené Aiko, but thought that it would not be what gets Lipa on the pop charts.[38] musicOMH's Ben Hogwood thought that the song "feels unfinished despite its sentiments".[12] In April 2020, Christopher Rosa of Glamour ranked it as Lipa's ninth worst song, stating that it does not have any problems, it is just not as "emotive or memorable" as other tracks on Dua Lipa. Additionally, he named the song a "raspy acoustic slow jam".[39] "Thinking 'Bout You" spent five weeks on the Belgium Ultratip Flanders chart, peaking at number six, while it spent six weeks on the Ultratip Wallonia chart, reaching number 36.[40][41]

A number of studies have examined the acoustic differences between infant-directed speech (IDS) and adult-directed speech, suggesting that the exaggerated acoustic properties of IDS might facilitate infants' language development. However, there has been little empirical investigation of the acoustic properties that infants use for word learning. The goal of this study was thus to examine how 19-month-olds' word recognition is affected by three acoustic properties of IDS: slow speaking rate, vowel hyper-articulation, and wide pitch range. Using the intermodal preferential looking procedure, infants were exposed to half of the test stimuli (e.g., Where's the book?) in typical IDS style. The other half of the stimuli were digitally altered to remove one of the three properties under investigation. After the target word (e.g., book) was spoken, infants' gaze toward target and distractor referents was measured frame by frame to examine the time course of word recognition. The results showed that slow speaking rate and vowel hyper-articulation significantly improved infants' ability to recognize words, whereas wide pitch range did not. These findings suggest that 19-month-olds' word recognition may be affected only by the linguistically relevant acoustic properties in IDS. 041b061a72

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