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Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez

[S1E7] Small Town Saturday Night

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent Dale Cooper (MacLachlan) pays the price for his investigation of a murder in the small mountain town of Twin Peaks, while the local sawmill is burnt in an arson scheme.

[S1E7] Small Town Saturday Night


The small town of Twin Peaks, Washington, has been shocked by the murder of schoolgirl Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) and the attempted murder of her friend Ronette Pulaski (Phoebe Augustine). FBI special agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) has come to the town to investigate; the violent, drug-dealing truck driver Leo Johnson (Eric Da Re) is the chief suspect.[3][4] Meanwhile, local businessman Benjamin Horne (Richard Beymer) has been scheming with his lover, Catherine Martell (Piper Laurie), to burn down the town's sawmill to buy its land cheaply. However, Horne also conspires with the mill's owner, Josie Packard (Joan Chen), to burn the mill and kill Martell to collect their insurance policies.[5]

Champion booster, confused father, and small-town big fish, Buddy Garrity is the kind of big Texas stereotype that infuriates and endears in equal measure. That happens not infrequently IRL Texas, too.

After showering and receiving new clothes and a menstrual cup that Maria had left for her, Ellie heads over to Maria and Tommy's house. Above the fireplace, she finds a sign memorializing two children, "Kevin" and "Sarah". Maria arrives with a new winter coat for her and insists on giving her a haircut. While trimming Ellie's hair, Maria makes small talk, explaining she used to be an Assistant District Attorney, and asks if Ellie noticed Tommy's memorial above the fireplace. Ellie expresses condolences for Maria's children, but Maria reveals she only had one child, Kevin: "Sarah" was Joel's daughter. Maria quickly realizes Ellie did not know Joel had a daughter and apologizes, but Ellie admits it explains some things about him. Maria warns Ellie that she does not really know Joel and offers the advice that she should be careful of who she puts faith in, because the only people who can betray her are the people she trusts. Maria then takes Ellie to the town's weekly movie night.

In episode 6, some of the recruits opened up about why they joined the show, including Hannah and Danny. During the discussion, Hannah spoke about her time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. She said that it was really tough on her since she comes from a small town. 041b061a72

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