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Best Place To Buy Tires For Cheap

When you buy any passenger, performance, or light truck tires at Costco, they are covered by a 5-year road hazard warranty. This means that Costco offers tire repair or replacement within the warranty.

best place to buy tires for cheap

Those value-added services include free tire rotations, free balancing, free flat tire repair, free air pressure checks, and free replacements for covered tires due to workmanship issues or material defects.

Shopping around for the best deal on dependable, quality tires isn't as simple as comparing advertised prices. Most do not include installation as part of the deal, and it can easily add from $50 to more than $100 to the "out the door" cost of new tires. Don't waste time spinning your wheels searching for the right installer. We compared prices and service packages at seven top nationwide chains that sell and install tires: Walmart, Pep Boys, Discount Tire (America's Tire), NTB (Tire Kingdom), BJ's Wholesale Club, Costco, and Sam's Club. Our roundup also takes into account how each shop rates for additional services, selection, scheduling convenience, and opportunities for extra savings.

Consumers who prefer to buy tires online from sites like Tire Rack or Amazon, either for quick-click convenience or a wider selection, should keep in mind that not every shop will install tires purchased elsewhere. None of the warehouse clubs will accommodate tires that aren't bought directly from their stocks, and you'll pay an additional $10 per tire to take advantage of Walmart's installation services if you buy tires from an outside vendor, or even a seller on Walmart's marketplace.

How often should tires be replaced? The official consensus is that tires have a lifespan of about six years (although some manufacturers say tires can last as long as 10 years). The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends tires should be replaced when the tread depth reaches 2/32 inch, regardless of age. This is the legal limit in most states. Go to for safety information, tutorials on measuring tire wear and determining the age of your tires, and tips on proper maintenance.

Is it okay to replace two tires at a time? That depends on whether your car is AWD, 4-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive. It is always recommended that you replace all four tires on an AWD or 4-wheel-drive vehicle. Driving on tires with differing degrees of wear can cause serious problems with AWD systems, especially, and can damage the drivetrain. Many experts suggest you replace the tires on all four wheels of a front- or rear-wheel-drive car, as well. At the very least, you should replace at least two at a time, and the new set should always be mounted on the rear axle, where steady traction and braking is most important.

What does "TPMS service" mean? All cars manufactured after 2008 are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. Sensors in the tires monitor the air pressure and transmit a signal to alert drivers when the pressure is too low and may present a safety hazard. It's recommended (and often required) that these sensors be replaced when new tires are installed. The parts needed for the replacement are referred to as TPMS service kits, TPMS repair kits, or TPMS rebuild kits. Some TPMS systems may also need to be reset when the tires are changed (or after rotations).

Discount Tire, owned by the same company as America's Tire (the name varies by region), claims a $21 base price for tire installation. That includes lifetime rotation, balancing, flat repairs, inspections, air checks, and TPMS kits but not tire disposal, which adds another $2.75 a tire. Road hazard coverage is lumped into the chain's certificate for repair, refund, or replacement, which covers a new set of tires for three years after purchase. The cost of these certificates varies based on brand and type (coverage rates for pricier tires and performance tires are higher) but generally runs about 15% to 16% of the tire price. For the tires we chose, we would pay $19.75 per tire for this protection.

True to this shop's reputation for having a wealth of tires on hand, our online searches found many options in our desired size ready for pickup today. Some others would take an extra day to arrive from the warehouse, or three to five days to be shipped from elsewhere. The scheduling page offered many appointment times for same-day installation, as well as the option for vehicle drop-off, or to purchase installation and schedule for up to 10 days after the tires arrive. A convenient graph suggests the best times to come in for an appointment each day based on hourly traffic estimates.

In our comparison of oil change services, Walmart came out on top as the cheapest option. When it comes to tire installation, the $15-per-wheel fee is definitely the lowest, yet again, although Walmart's package is less generous than other brands'. Included are mounting, valve stems, TPMS kits, and lifetime balance and rotation every 7,500 miles, plus tightening of the lug nuts after the first 50 miles. But disposal fees tack on an extra $1.50 per tire, according to our local store. The total price jumps to $25 a tire if you purchase a road hazard warranty, which covers only the first 25% of tread wear (approximately one year) and applies only to tires bought at Walmart. If you don't buy from Walmart, the basic installation costs an additional $10 per wheel. Walmart also doesn't do wheel alignments, although Walmart auto centers do offer a range of services for car batteries, engines, and fuel systems.

Spare tires on all vehicles are prone to aging because they seldom get replaced. Taking into account that tires degrade over time,