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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly

[S1E1] The Rise Of Voltron ((FREE))

Keith's specialty lies in close-combat with martial arts and bladed sidearms, using a fighting style said to be more Galran than human.[8][12] He is a skilled and aggressive martial artist able to take down Garrison technicians in mere moments with a few powerful strikes.[1] Keith's agility stats are officially the highest;[1][12] his battle strength lies mainly in his physical speed, trust in his instincts, quick adaptation to changes on the battlefield, and his sheer determination to succeed. While Keith's instincts allow him to react quickly, it makes him less observant of his surroundings and more susceptible to surprise attacks.[14]

[S1E1] The Rise of Voltron

In an effort to save Allura, Coran and the Paladins travel to Zarkon's massive ship. Keith goes head to head with the emperor, who has successfully re-established his link with the Black Lion. The Paladins manage to save Allura and get her back to the castle. Everyone attempts to make a hasty retreat into a wormhole, but they run into a nasty surprise. 041b061a72

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