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Star Wars: Andor Season 1

In February 2022, star Stellan Skarsgård indicated that the series would have a second season, with filming for it beginning in late 2022.[38] That April, cinematographer Adriano Goldman said there had originally been plans for the series to last five seasons, but he believed those had changed and it was now expected to last three.[39] At Star Wars Celebration a month later, Lucasfilm confirmed a 12-episode second season.[40] Gilroy explained that the original five-season plan was deemed to be "physically impossible" due to the series' scale,[41] and instead they realized that they could end the series with one more season that led directly into the events of Rogue One.[40][41][42]

Star Wars: Andor Season 1

Luna and Gilroy said the series was also about "how the disenfranchised can stand up to effect change".[46] Co-star Fiona Shaw described Gilroy's political commentary in the scripts as a "great, scurrilous [take] on the Trumpian world", adding that "our world is exploding in different places right now, people's rights are disappearing, and Andor reflects that. [In the show] the Empire is taking over, and it feels like the same thing is happening in reality, too".[47] Meanwhile, Gough has stated that her character arc in the series deals with gender politics, while Gilroy explained that "We have a very, very, very deep dive into the Imperial side of the story".[12] After starting with Andor's story in the first three episodes, the fourth begins to expand the scope of the series to include the rest of its large ensemble cast, such as Rebel leader Mon Mothma, whose path will cross with Andor's in the second season. Gilroy felt Star Wars fans would see Mothma in a new light after watching the series, and added that there were key characters and events in the series that would be different or "more interesting" than fans previously realized: "What you've been told, what's on Wookieepedia... is really all wrong".[5]

Despite starting off as the major motivating factor for Cassian, the mystery around what happened to his sister remains unanswered. Depressingly, Cassian's adoptive mother Maarva seemed convinced that Kerri is dead, suggesting a sad end to the story. However, the loose end around the Kenari woman from the brothel in Andor episode 1 suggests that there is yet hope for her survival. This is compounded by the fact that Cassian's growing role in the Rebellion will likely see him traverse the galaxy in opposition to the Empire, potentially bringing him into contact with new leads in the hunt for his sister. Therefore, while Andor season 1 provided no concrete answers about Cassian's sister, there remains a possibility that season 2 can address the unanswered question.

Yes, Andor will return for a sophomore season that started filming on November 21, 2022. Like Season 1, the upcoming installment will feature 12 episodes. However, producers teased that the main storyline would develop over four main blocks. Unlike the freshman season, which covered only one year, Andor Season 2 will follow the titular hero in the remaining time he spent ahead of the Battle of Scarif. Season 2 will also involve Ariel Kleiman, Janus Metz, and Alonso Ruizpalacios as directors.

At the climax of the ceremony, Maarva's droid broadcasts a recording of her urging the people to fight the Empire, and they do, starting a riot that gives Cassian cover to rescue Bix (Adria Arjona) from Meero's clutches. Bix and a handful of Cassian's friends escape, but he stays behind to confront rebel leader Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgard). Cassian gives Luthen a choice: Kill him, or bring him into the rebel fold. The season ends there (well, plus a post-credits scene worth sticking around for that's both an "Andor" callback and a tease to a destructive aspect of the galaxy's future).

A great hero needs a great villain to face off with and Cassian has two, with Kyle Soller's Syril Karn and Denise Gough's Dedra Meero seeming likely to combine their dastardly plans in the second season.

However, fans of Andor do not need to be worried about season 2. Disney committed to Andor for a fixed run of two, twelve episode seasons before season 1 even aired, using the locations they build out for two seasons, like an entire rebel city where much of the series is shot. Andor season 2 will start production on November 21, according to showrunner Tony Gilroy. We do not have a release date for season 2 yet, though early 2024 seems like a safe bet, given the timing here. 041b061a72

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