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Download Wake Up Sid Movie in 720p with HD Online Player

HD Online Player (Wake Up Sid Movie Download 720p 21)

If you are looking for a fun, heartwarming, and inspiring movie to watch online, you should definitely check out Wake Up Sid, a 2009 Bollywood comedy-drama film that will make you laugh, cry, and think. In this article, we will tell you what Wake Up Sid is about, why you should watch it, and how you can watch it online in HD quality using HD Online Player, a free and safe platform that offers high-quality movies.

HD Online Player (Wake Up Sid Movie Download 720p 21)

What is Wake Up Sid?

Wake Up Sid is a movie that tells the story of Siddharth "Sid" Mehra (played by Ranbir Kapoor), an extremely lazy and careless college student in Mumbai who does not know what he wants to pursue in life. He hates college and his creativity and talent for photography are often disregarded and ignored. He barely stays awake at night to study for the final exams and forces himself to sleep.

His father Ram Mehra (played by Anupam Kher) is a wealthy businessman who wants him to excel while his mother Sarita Mehra (played by Supriya Pathak) is a housewife who pampers him. Sid walks out of his final exam early, feeling deprived of sleep and insecure about his lack of direction in life compared to his friends.

At his college's farewell party, Sid meets and befriends Aisha Banerjee (played by Konkona Sen Sharma), an aspiring writer who recently moved from her hometown of Kolkata. With Sid's help, Aisha rents a flat in a small apartment and lands a job at Mumbai Beat (based on Time Out! Mumbai), a hip magazine company run by editor-in-chief Kabir Choudhary (played by Rahul Khanna).

When the final exam results arrive, Sid learns that he failed while the rest of his classmates and friends passed, delaying his graduation for at least another year. His father confronts him about his poor performance and lack of ambition. He tells him that he has had enough of his irresponsible behavior and that he has to join his father's business. Sid refuses to do so and argues with his father. He leaves home with his belongings.

Sid calls all his friends but none of them can accommodate him. He then calls Aisha who agrees to let him stay at her apartment for a few days until he finds another place. During his stay with Aisha, Sid begins to discover himself as he learns new things such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, paying bills, etc. He also develops an interest in photography as he takes pictures of Mumbai city for Aisha's article.

Sid realizes that he has fallen in love with Aisha but she rejects him as she considers him as a friend only. She also tells him that he lacks ambition and is not her type. Heartbroken, Sid decides to leave Aisha's apartment. He reconciles with his parents who support him in pursuing his passion for photography. He also apologizes to Aisha for his behavior.

Sid gets an internship at Mumbai Beat as a photographer after impressing Kabir with his portfolio. He also gets his own studio apartment where he invites his parents for dinner. He dedicates his first published photograph to Aisha who sees it on the magazine cover. She realizes that she loves him too and rushes to meet him at his apartment. They hug each other and kiss.

Why should you watch Wake Up Sid?

Wake Up Sid is a movie that will appeal to anyone who loves coming-of-age stories, comedy-drama, and Bollywood. Here are some of the reasons why Wake Up Sid is a must-watch movie:

Reason 1: It has a relatable and inspiring story

Wake Up Sid is a movie that deals with the universal theme of finding oneself in this world. It shows how a young man who is clueless about his future transforms into someone who has a clear vision of what he wants to do in life. It also shows how he overcomes his fears, doubts, failures, conflicts, etc., with the help of his friends, family, love interest, etc.

The movie portrays the struggles and growth