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Denis Gavrilov
Denis Gavrilov

Against The StormAgainst The Storm PATCHED

Some days ago, Martin Luther King, the Afro-American clergyman, was suddenly assassinated by the U.S. imperialists. Martin Luther King was an exponent of nonviolence. Nevertheless, the U.S. imperialists did not on that account show any tolerance toward him, but used counter-revolutionary violence and killed him in cold blood. This has taught the broad masses of the Black people in the United States a profound lesson. It has touched off a new storm in their struggle against violent repression sweeping well over a hundred cities in the United States, a storm such as has never taken place before in the history of that country. It shows that an extremely powerful revolutionary force is latent in the more than twenty million Black Americans.

Against the StormAgainst the Storm

The storm of Afro-American struggle taking place within the United States is a striking manifestation of the comprehensive political and economic crisis now gripping U.S. imperialism. It is dealing a telling blow to U.S. imperialism, which is beset with difficulties at home and abroad.

The Afro-American struggle is not only a struggle waged by the exploited and oppressed Black people for freedom and emancipation, it is also a new clarion call to all the exploited and oppressed people of the United States to fight against the barbarous rule of the monopoly capitalist class. It is a tremendous aid and inspiration to the struggle of the people throughout the world against U.S. imperialism and to the struggle of the Vietnamese people against U.S. imperialism. On behalf of the Chinese people, I hereby express resolute support for the just struggle of the Black people in the United States.

At present, the world revolution has entered a great new era. The struggle of the Black people in the United States for emancipation is a component part of the general struggle of al the people of the world against U.S. imperialism, a component part of the contemporary world revolution. I call on the workers, peasants, and revolutionary intellectuals of all countries and all who are willing to fight against U.S. imperialism to take action and extend strong support to the struggle of the Black people in the United States! People of the whole world, unite still more closely and launch a sustained and vigorous offensive against our common enemy, U.S. imperialism, and its accomplices! It can be said with certainty that the complete collapse of colonialism, imperialism, and all systems of exploitation, and the complete emancipation of all the oppressed peoples and nations of the world are not far off.

Hours after Swift broke her silence regarding the recently leaked, unedited phone call between her and Kanye West, Kardashian followed suit and unleashed a storm of tweets accusing Swift of twisting the truth about the tapes.

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Horse herd run in desert sand storm against dramatic sky

SAN DIEGO - The 64-ranked University of San Diego women's tennis team fought hard in its final home match of the 2010 regular dual season against West Coast Conference foe, 52-ranked St. Mary's College, but fell just short Saturday afternoon by a final of 4-3 at the USD West Tennis Courts.

"When we reflect in years to come on the career of one of the finest strikers the game has known," he said, "We will have to put his handball against Ireland right up there with all the great goals he scored."

Isaiah 25:4-5. For Thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, and refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall. Thou shalt bring down the noise of strangers, as the heat in a dry place; even the heat with the shadow of a cloud; the branch of the terrible ones shall be brought low.

A tweet storm was organised by language activists on Sunday with the hashtag #SayNoToSanskrit, urging the government to withdraw its decision and warned of protests if it went ahead with the establishment of the varsity.

Jasprit Bumrah scripted history on Saturday as the stand-in India skipper launched a sensational all-out assault against England pacer Stuart Broad, taking 35-runs in a single over on Day 2 of the ongoing fifth and final Test at Edgbaston in Birmingham.

A neo-Nazi website publisher has asked a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit that accuses him of orchestrating an anti-Semitic internet trolling campaign against a Montana real estate agent and her family.

Lawyers for The Daily Stormer's founder, Andrew Anglin, argued in a court filing Thursday that the First Amendment protects his posts calling for a "troll storm" against Tanya Gersh. Everything Anglin wrote about Gersh was "political speech," his lawyers said.

Gersh sued Anglin in April, saying her family received a barrage of threatening and harassing emails, phone calls and other messages after he published their personal information, including her 12-year-old son's Twitter handle and photo. In a string of posts that started last December, Anglin accused Gersh and other Jewish residents of Whitefish, Montana, of engaging in an "extortion racket" against the mother of white nationalist Richard Spencer.

Anglin's Dec. 16 article about Gersh urged readers to "take action" against her and other Jewish residents of Whitefish. Gersh has said the trolls' hateful messages, replete with slurs and Holocaust references, left her so scared for her family's safety that she packed a bag and left it on her bedroom floor for three months in case they decided to flee their home.

The line of reasoning goes something like this. To build an effective set of alliances against terrorist networks, the U.S. will need to direct considerable levels of economic and military aid to governments that share our agenda. Those governments will exploit the urgency of our mission by demanding sizable concessions in exchange for their cooperation. U.S. pressure for democratization, respect for human rights, anti-corruption measures, economic liberalization, and other cherished agendas will be quietly shelved so as not to irritate needed allies who find those policies nettlesome. In some instances, our friends will engage in reprehensible behavior, and we will be forced to look the other way because national security imperatives demand it.

And make no mistake: Leaders in these failed states are no fools. They understand that the war on terrorism is a meal ticket. They will be quick to calculate that a successful campaign against terrorism in their country will lead only to a return to marginalization, and an end to strategically driven foreign aid. They may have been unable to prevent the end of the cold war, for which some in the third world have an ironic nostalgia, but they can do much to insure that a war against terrorism is never quite won. Antiterrorist campaigns in these countries may come to constitute a shell game, not an end game.

Reviewed by: John Warden and the Renaissance of American Air Power Daniel L. Haulman John Warden and the Renaissance of American Air Power. By John Andreas Olsen . Washington: Potomac Books, 2007. ISBN 978-1-59797-084-6. Photographs. Appendixes. Notes. Selected bibliography. Index. Pp. xvi, 348. $32.95. This well-researched biography of Colonel John A. Warden III is an excellent summary of the ideas that made him the leading air power theorist in the U.S. Air Force in the second half of the twentieth century. Olsen notes that before Warden the Air Force had become focused on nuclear deterrence, aerial combat, and air support of ground forces. Through his writings, which included a book called The Air Campaign, papers describing a "Five Rings Model," and his "Instant Thunder" air campaign plan that became the foundation of Operation DESERT STORM against Iraq in 1991, Warden promoted the concept that precision air strikes on key strategic command and control targets could paralyze an enemy's systems and achieve victory without the need for long and costly surface campaigns involving tanks and troops.

Olsen skillfully contrasts Warden's success as a theorist with his perceived failure as a leader of men. One is left wondering if the real reason Warden never rose to the rank of general was that his zeal in promoting his innovative ideas against the traditions of his fellow officers antagonized them. In a sense, Warden can be compared with Billy Mitchell, another air power theorist whose ideas had more success than his career.

Defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans and offensive line and run game coordinator Chris Foerster spoke about the chemistry in the 49ers locker room ahead of the team's Divisional Round matchup against the Cowboys.

RB Christian McCaffrey and TE George Kittle shared how dialed in the 49ers are for Super Wild Card Weekend against the Seattle Seahawks and praised Brock Purdy for his progression and performance since stepping up as QB1.

LB Fred Warner, DL Nick Bosa, T Mike McGlinchey and WR Brandon Aiyuk talked about the veteran leadership in the locker room and evaluated how the team is approaching their Wild Card matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. 041b061a72

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