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Denis Gavrilov
Denis Gavrilov

Saints Row 4 Crib Mod NEW!

if you have ever played saints row, you know what to expect. the game is absolutely over the top. and volition really does a great job of making the player feel like they are living out their wildest fantasies. the game has a lot of fun, slapstick humor, that is as ridiculous as it is hilarious. and it is truly a wild ride. unfortunately, at the end, a couple of plot holes are left in the game.

saints row 4 crib mod

this brings up one of the biggest criticisms of saints row iv: it's ridiculously easy to die. although it's not nearly as punishing as the original saints row, saints row iv is death-inducing. you'll die a lot. if you're careless or if you're not paying attention, you'll easily fall over and die. if you accidentally hit the wrong button or the wrong car, you'll get blasted through the air and crash into walls. if you miss a target, you'll land in your enemies' laps. the problem isn't that it's too easy, it's that it's so hard to play perfectly. while the game is a digital simulation, it's not a game of skill, and if you want to complete all of the missions and side missions, you'll need to become an expert at racing, driving, and dodging everything. the game is still fun, but it's not worth the time or money unless you're really good at playing it.

aside from that, one of the biggest changes in the game are the superpowers, which are super fun and highly customizable. saints row iv gives you three superpowers: the takedown, which can be used to take down all enemies in a blast, the suicide bomb, which lets you blow up the entire city, and the slam, which lets you take down or toss opponents with one punch. there are four superpowers in all, including a new one, the transporter, which lets you instantly transport enemies from one place to another, and it's one of the most fun ones.

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