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Shotgun Wedding 2023

by Walter Chaw Jennifer Coolidge, 61, plays the mother of 50-year-old Josh Duhamel in Jason "Pitch Perfect" Moore's abominable-in-pretty-much-every-conceivable-way Shotgun Wedding, and her being 11 when she had him isn't even the worst of it. Honestly, this is the kind of movie where it would've been funny if they'd made a joke out of that somehow (like maybe how Steve Coulter, who plays his dad, would've been 12), and Coolidge has exactly the befuddled, oversexed MILF persona to pull it off. I don't know, I didn't write this shit. Coolidge is Carol and Coulter is Larry. Their son Tom is a total loser recently released from a minor-league baseball team, which only makes sense because he's on the AARP mailing list. Has he been trying to make it to "the show" for 30 years? One of these Crash Davis things, I guess. Just kidding: Crash was 33; can Tom even tie his own shoes anymore without getting winded? Because I'm turning 50 this year, and let me tell you, I cannot. Tom is marrying Darcy (Jennifer Lopez), who spends every other sentence mobbing Tom for each of his groomzilla decisions--decisions he has to make, because Darcy is disengaged from the entire process and resents having to have a wedding at all, since one of the first things she said to him when they started dating was that she didn't want a fancy wedding. Tom will eventually apologize for not listening to her, but if the intent is to make this about Tom learning to be a better partner, I must confess I would stop listening to someone as passive-aggressive and monstrously belittling as Darcy. Maybe Tom has a humiliation kink. That would explain why he played minor-league baseball for 30 years and probably votes Republican. It's not my place to judge that, I'm just observing it.

Shotgun Wedding 2023

What does it mean that the three greatest romantic comedy stars of our time have all recently revived the genre in movies that take place on a tropical island? Is there a film school graduate student who can research and report on this extremely important topic? Sandra Bullock headlined The Lost City about a romance novelist who, along with her cover model (Channing Tatum), encounters a crazed billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) in an ancient city. Julia Roberts and George Clooney sparred as exes whose daughter is getting married in Bali in Ticket to Paradise. And now Jennifer Lopez stars opposite Josh Duhamel in Shotgun Wedding, as a couple whose glam island wedding is upended by pirates. Already the movie is off to a completely relatable start!

Lopez stars as Darcy, a woman with no discernible back story and a fiancé (Josh Duhamel) named Tom, a minor-league baseball player who's cost-conscious enough to insist on a DIY destination wedding in the Philippines (it's cheaper than Bali). Things are already tense with her loopy future mother-in-law (Jennifer Coolidge) and the chesty ex (Lenny Kravitz) that her wealthy father (Cheech Marin) has invited without her consent.

It's also strenuously topical and not a little bit outrageous about race: a tale of two lovers recast for a hyper-self-aware 2023 by black-ish creator Kenya Barris, making his feature-directing debut. Jonah Hill, who cowrote the script with Barris, plays it relatively close to home as Ezra Cohen, a Jewish finance guy from West L.A. whose true passion is the cross-cultural podcast he hosts with his best friend, a Black lesbian named Mo (comedian Sam Jay).

In Shotgun Wedding, Darcy (Jennifer Lopez) and Tom (Josh Duhamel) embark on a tropical getaway for their ultimate destination wedding. Despite dealing with cold feet and distractions from Tom's kooky mother-in-law, Carol (Jennifer Coolidge) and Darcy's charming ex, Sean (Lenny Kravitz), the celebration is all going according to plan until a group of criminals hijack the wedding procession, taking the entire party hostage. Darcy and Tom must go into full action-hero mode to rescue their guests and salvage their big day.

While this is happening, it is revealed Sean and Harriet are having an affair, and she is the driving force behind this attempted heist. They circle back, and Sean attacks the couple to try and then leave the island to get help. With Sean on the back of the boat fighting Tom and Darcy driving, Harriet is in a trailing helicopter shooting bullets at them. A parasailing parachute opens, which takes Sean up hundreds of feet in the air and he hangs on for his dear life. With bullets still raining down, the couple takes their wedding knife and cuts the rope. This sends Sean and the chute into the helicopter carrying Harriet. This causes the aircraft to crash and blow up.

After all of this, will Darcy and Tom get married? Yes, and when they get back to the beach, they both repropose to each other. The final scenes show Darcy and Tom marrying on the beach in front of their loved ones. The after-credits scene has the happy couple and the entire post-wedding reception rocking it out.

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"Shotgun Wedding," produced by Ryan Reynolds and Lopez, follows a couple's destination wedding ceremony that ends up getting hijacked by criminals. They are left trying to do everything they can to save their families.

\"Shotgun Wedding,\" produced by Ryan Reynolds and Lopez, follows a couple's destination wedding ceremony that ends up getting hijacked by criminals. They are left trying to do everything they can to save their families.

Shotgun Wedding is a 2023 Prime Video comedy movie directed by Jason Moore starring Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel. The script is written by Mark Hammer.

Shotgun is once again marrying couples live on the air on Valentines Day! Each couple gets the complete package: A wedding dress from The Bridal Event in Appleton, tuxedos from DuBois Formalwear, wedding rings from Krieger Jewelers, photos from Aphrodite Studios, and flowers from Bee Enchanted Florist! The Wedding will take place live on Y100 at Gather on Broadway in Green Bay.

The movie centers on a couple (Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel) who invite family and friends to their island destination wedding. When their guests are taken hostage, the bride and groom are forced out of their comfort zone, becoming reluctant action heroes who must outwit the bad guys and save the day.

This movie is about a wedding, so of course the wedding dress Jennifer wears is crucial. It also has to do a lot of work, transitioning from the original dress [borrowed from Coolidge's mother-in-law character] to the final, deconstructed look. What went into designing the dress?

That was the trick, right? We knew that the wedding dress needed to end looking kind of cool and badass and original and feel like it's her more authentic self. And also something that's sexy, that the audience wants to see. We weren't going to make Jennifer look crazy, either. So, the idea is that the dress is too big for a beach wedding and her hair is a little bit Midwestern and it doesn't quite suit her. It was finding that balance. But the dress was quite an achievement. To his credit, Mitchell Travers, our costume designer, we worked a lot on it and the dress that he designed the first time was the one that Jennifer accepted. But it was a fun challenge. He had worked with Jennifer before [on Hustlers], so that helped. He knew what she liked. But Jennifer knows clothes better than anyone. So in finding the right dress, we wanted to make sure it was great.

Jennifer Lopez's and Josh Duhamel's new rom-com "Shotgun Wedding" is centered around their destination wedding, but there's trouble in paradise. As you can imagine by the title, the big day quickly turns into a far more action- and gun-packed situation than anyone planned.

2023 is shaping up to be an action-packed year for J-Lo, as she not only takes center stage in this romantic action-comedy Shotgun Wedding, which will launch on Prime Video at the end of next month, but she'll also be stretching her action muscles later in the year with Niki Caro's The Mother and Brad Peyton's Atlas, both of which will stream on Netflix.

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