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Black Book Hindi Movies Download

Forget this asinine 2004 film where a woman uncovers her boyfriend's little black book. The latter contains his previous girlfriends and so she tries to investigate.Our heroine along with her mother both live in a dream world where Carly Simon is the answer to just about everything. Miss Simon appears at the end of the film.Our heroine works for a reality show with Kippie Kann, a totally uninspiring Kathy Bates.Holly Hunter is her co-worker who turns the tables on Miss Murphy and uses her experiences as the basis for a segment on the show. All the former girlfriends and the guy are brought on the show under different pretexts. Naturally, this proves most embarrassing.The theme here that when a door is closed, another door opens just doesn't work.This is absolute frivolous nonsense.

Black Book Hindi Movies Download

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