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Nicholas Ross
Nicholas Ross

Romblon Tablas Sibuyan Lines Inc

We went to romblon from Manila by plane(PAL) to roxas city. We encountered a problem when one of the luggages was missent to tacloban instead. To make the story short, instead of taking the boat ride from roxas to sibujan, we had a detour. We arrived in roxas on a friday and was told that the next boat going to sibuyan will be on a monday. We went to caticlan by land, boat ride to carabao island, boat ride again to sta. fe port (tablas island), jeepney ride to looc then to san agustin port, boat ride to romblon island and finally RORO ride to sibuyan island.

romblon tablas sibuyan lines inc

I have a question. I would like to prepare the route of our travel in romblon. my question is: from romblon to sibuyan, and if you are looking at the map of romblon and sibuyan, what is the route of the boat, is it clockwise or counterclockwise direction? 041b061a72

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