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Learn Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science with Tremblay and Manohar's Book (PDF) - Quora

Discrete Mathematical Structures by Tremblay and Manohar PDF

Are you looking for a comprehensive and accessible book on discrete mathematics for computer science? If so, you might want to check out Discrete Mathematical Structures with Applications to Computer Science by J.P. Tremblay and R. Manohar. This book covers all the essential topics of discrete mathematics and shows how they are applied in various fields of computer science. In this article, I will tell you more about this book and how you can download its PDF version for free.

discrete mathematical structures by tremblay and manohar pdf

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Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science

Discrete mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with finite and discrete objects, such as integers, graphs, strings, etc. Unlike continuous mathematics, which studies smooth and continuous phenomena, such as calculus and geometry, discrete mathematics focuses on discrete and combinatorial aspects of mathematics.

Discrete mathematics is very important for computer science because it provides the theoretical foundation and tools for many areas of computer science. For example:

  • Cryptography uses discrete mathematics to design secure encryption and decryption algorithms.

  • Data structures use discrete mathematics to organize and manipulate data efficiently.

  • Complexity theory uses discrete mathematics to analyze the computational resources required to solve problems.

By learning discrete mathematics, you can develop your logical thinking and problem-solving skills. You can also understand better how computers work and how to design efficient algorithms and programs.

Discrete Mathematical Structures by Tremblay and Manohar

Discrete Mathematical Structures with Applications to Computer Science is a classic textbook on discrete mathematics written by J.P. Tremblay and R. Manohar. The authors are both professors of computer science at McGill University in Canada. They have extensive experience in teaching and researching discrete mathematics and its applications.

The book covers all the main topics of discrete mathematics, such as:

  • Sets, relations, functions

  • Logic, proofs, induction

  • Algorithms, complexity

  • Recursion